The Idiotllectual


I have found myself seemingly caught in a somewhat of a bind, I have too many selves, I’m not sure this is particularly unusual, but it does strike me as rather galling that the same person (ie me) who can achieve an MA and carry out jobs and tasks of intricate structure and complexity also has the proclivity of performing behaviours that demonstrate the most viscous idiocy that appears possible. This isn’t another example of the hackneyed distinction between academic intelligence and common sense; things aren’t as consistent as that, I am a tumult of voices looking for a way out. My new goal is to set them free, an experiment of sorts, a wave of mental detritus to surf into the void. Below is a short introduction to a few tangents of my character:


The Idiotllectual

The Idiotllectual – A negotiation between intellectual and idiot, hence the rather fetching neologism, an honest engagement with the world, not being afraid of the two poles of it existence – embracing the excess of stupidity and funnelling it into creation, crafting and forging new possibilities of thought; A fledgling philosophy of banal everyday events becoming new born and joyous. An Intellectual and an Idiot; this is what happens in between.


Melancholic Georges

Melancholic Georges :-( - Dark, neurotic and self indulgent, knowing the limits and jumping over them with a laugh and a tear. Thought, too much thought. A wistful, sensitive and melancholy disposition, seeing too much, saying too much and taking the glut of the world on shaking shoulders. Living in the Real, a place of infinity, everything is night and absurd, but the possibilities are endless, the pensive movements sometimes align into what seems like transcendence. A dweller of the eternal night; a squint into the darkness.


Martin Pettitt

Martin Pettitt – Just some guy. He wakes up, does some stuff then returns to slumber, ad infinitum. A container of voices.








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