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What will it be today sir?


The Idiotllectual deals with with news articles and current events. My views never seem to be represented in the media, as ridiculous as they sometimes are, and so here is an attempt at seeing if they are possible to explicate. I don't strive for any themes or cogent weltanschauung, just an instinctive engagement with the world.


Melancholic Georges chronicles experiences of London from a skewed and melancholy disposition. Melancholia, an outdated diagnosis of endogenous depression, is characterised by an artistic and strangely profound possibilty missing from the new formed scientific discourse. Poetry stories, pictures; channeling the artistic from the void.


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The Idiotllectual

An attempt to comprehend the world through the flawed faculties of my



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City Is Melancholic

My Melancholy adventures in London.


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