Talisker 10 Year
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Talisker 10 year single malt.


Country: Scotland

Region: Isle of Skye

Distillery: Talisker

Type: Single Malt

Bottler: Talisker

AGE: 10 years



Colour: Warm Gold


Nose: A very aromatic and pungent whiskey, you can feel it coming from a distance, it climbs up with prickly, husky and leathery notes which takes me to my father’s saddlery workshop, that uncertain and comforting smell of leather and hard work. There are further hints of smoke and aged wood, a sea saltiness and a sweetness that could be honey. The multi faceted aroma goes straight up into my head and does a little jig and makes me smile.


Palate: The initial sip skims across the razorblade of salty and sweet, you definitely get the sense of the sea and coastal air; I get dark caves, water dripping from the ceiling as sea water sloshes against the rocky walls. The feeling on the tongue is quite oily but not unpleasant, a smooth rounded bulb rolling against your mouth. Again there are woody and leathery textures and whiffs of toasted tobacco.


Finish: It leaves a somewhat tingly resonance that travels around the mouth at a medium pace, it is fresh and smokey, part way between pipe smoke and a nutty salad. It feels like having a pub meal by an open fire while a storm rages outside. The tingle ends but the flavours linger, some creeping back up into the nose, it ends with a slight salty bitterness sticking to the back of the palate.


This Whiskey almost creates atmosphere, I like it’s robust earthy flavours. It seems that other reviews are somewhat varied, with a lot of drinkers uttering the words: ‘it’s not my sort of thing, but...’, hinting it is a love/hate type of whiskey – well, I really like it and there will definitely be another bottle in the near future.





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