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Listening to records

Why I like listening to Records pt. 1 A Comedy

A normal house party scene: groups of bodies coagulated into corners and narrow hallways, scattered glass bottles and aluminium cans, the shift, the sway and the rumble punctuated by the occasional shouty cretin. Then there’s me, drink in hand [...]


Listening to records

Why I like listening to

Records pt. 2 A Tragedy

One afternoon about 3 months ago when I was tidying and generally reshuffling my room I saw this thing in the corner, I poked it a bit, plugged it in and then put on a record and everything suddenly became new and clear – ‘like a diamond bullet’ [...]

emotional rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster

‘It was an emotional rollercoaster’


A man splattered with an ugly face and eyes whiter than the sun mouthing these words on the screen, summing up his team’s victory in the penalty shoot-out.


Music in shops

Music in shops


The slack faced, nodding bodies move between the shelves with their lips muttering banalities of no great consequence. Their fingers twitch as they reach for items waiting on shelves, they look vacantly at the vital information contained on bottles . [...]





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